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Event List

★ From Mar. 2022 to Dec. 2022

★ More than 60 shows/year

1000pax each time

About Us

King Pilliar Limited (KPL) is a leading pioneer multi-entertainment group with a die-hard love of music, spot-on execution with trustworthy localization & Global networks to create unique entertainment experiences provide fused Western & Eastern culture to its fans in the greater region of China. KPL offers full service event solutions including world-class festival event production, cultural & tourism planning, creative event promotion, localized ticketing channels, event operation, international IP collaborations and also holds the exclusive Asia licenses for Groove Cruise Asia and We Are Electric China.<<

Key Points


New Label

To create a new electronic music label, fostering young blood, and further expanding the share of electronic music in China’s music market.

Live House

To cover all the livehouses in first and second-tier cities, looking for a new interpretation of different musical styles, and getting the market of young people.

Electronic Music Training Program for College Students

To create a new generation of electronic music, entering universities, building a brand targeted at new college students for the electric music culture industrial chain (live, merch, brand etc)…



On the planet called “Chaos”, the depraved notes are trampled under the feet of a group of pleasure-seekers, alcohol mixed with hypocrisy, low-grade tasted people, full of mud.When “Chaos” joined the meta-universe, they found that humans already existed there who built a higher civilization, and called themselves KPL, identifying six ‘electric planets’ on which they are rooted:

Trance, Techno, House, Bass, Hardstyle and No Genre

One day, the parallel nodes of the meta-universe intersect in an unprecedented way, and KPL is connected to“chaos”, so they found a strange phenomenon – that while the people there can create such powerful music, because of a variety of force majeure factors, this music cannot spread; Disappointed, confused, and at the same time, hopeful: the “Evolution” was in their DNA and the “K Project«  was born.Through spiritual guidance and screening, the core characters of KPL have chosen six artists from the Planet of “Chaos”, they will travel to the six different planets of KPL to explore and spread their music. 

The “K Project” needs you, and you’re welcome to joing through the meta-universe.

“Let us help you to find true happiness and feel pure resonance.”

The first chapter of the “K Project” is about to begin… (to be continued)

Amazing Team



Founder & CEO




Co-founder & Executive Strategic


Co-founder & Finance


Marketing Strategy Advisor

JC Biography

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur & executive producer with over 20 years of nightlife, promotion, high-networth eventing, largescale festival and event production experiences with an extensive Global entertainment network such as but not limit to Whet Travel, Insomniac, Fuse Tech, Xite Labs, Tao Group, Karma Foundation, SBE, Fourmation, ID&T, MUSE Group, Warp, The Palace, O.N.E.Asia and more. Successfully produced Hidden City label with Monster Massive Halloween 2020-2021, Countdown 2020 NYE, 2021 Top 100 DJ tour with 35 shows tour around 10 cities in China under KPL’s belt. With massive future plans ahead, JC devotes himself to building KPL as China’s #1 international entertainment group with both West & East party cultures fused together as an one-stop shop for leisure and enjoyment for the next-gen people worldwide.

ERIC Biography


One of the leading pioneers in the China electronics music industry. Responsible for hosting hugely successful EDC China in Shanghai and two EDC Guangdong in 2018 and 2019. One of the key members of creating Storm electronic festival from 2014-2017.

DAN Biography

Co-founder & Executive Strategic

An active angel investor in sustainability and entertainment as well as Venture Partner at Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC). Dan held international leadership roles in the Finance and Tech industries before embracing Gaming. Joining Riot Games in 2013, Dan first led international publishing then infrastructure & global expansion teams before heading up operations for Riot – China after the Tencent acquisition.

WILLIAM Biography

Co-founder & Finance

Joined renown quantitative fund in 2014 and became youngest quantitative trader in China. After gaining in-field battle experience as well as theoretical insight on high-level strategies, William moved to become the vice-president of marketing through his unique understanding of the secondary market.

STAS Biography

Marketing Strategy Advisor

Stas is the co-founder of internationally-acclaimed DJ duo, Rave Republic. He has an intimate knowledge of the music industry and has releases across almost all major commercial and electronic labels. The duo has been ranked in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs for four years.

He has 13+ years of experience across B2C, B2B and blockchain marketing. He was a brand manager at Fortune 500 giant, P&G, and transitioned his knowledge to the blockchain space, being immersed in it since 2017. 

Stas is currently Senior Vice President – Blockchain Strategy at blockchain-based payment company WadzPay that has grown from a team of 4 to a global team of 60+ in less than 2 years, positioning them one of the global leaders in blockchain payments.